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YouTubes and Weight Loss- finding the perfect formula

GOOD day/night cycle to you all! It's been a while but I am back to the blog with all those damn good intentions of being regular with it but, who knows? I have new time-sinks thay might derail me - read on...

Getting on the Choobs

So this year I am planning to churn out more YouTube content but it's not as easy as it looks - I know, shocking revelation. Pick yourself up off the floor and dust yourself down from that announcement. I have a lifetime licence for #Filmora Wondershare but have never got to grips with it properly but I like it and there is a wealth of instructional videos out there to help. My spare time so far has been centered on trying to get a bit quicker with throwing videos together and have manged to get a template created to hopefully speed the process up. Next step is putting the time into script writing. It will seem obvious to all all other seasoned YouTube creators but as #Twitch hack, I'm used to just letting my thoughts roll out of my head. Actually coming up with a structured passage of verbage is a bit like trying to pretty up a sewer with me at the moment (there's an image). However, I am going to keep at it and hopefully get better with time. The most recent video on my channel is not scripted at all and you can tell. If you want to join me on this journey of self-discovery, feel free to pop me a 'like and subscribe' here. That's how the Choob kids say it, isn't it?

Weight Loss

My other 'hobby' outside of my Twitch channel and shoe-horned in around work and family is losing weight and getting fit (or a human level of basic fitness) in 2022. This is going to be a tricky one, especially as I need to avoid some foods and, more importantly, I have done little beyond opening particularly tough packaging for decades. So, this blog post could easily be used as an entry for 'cause of death' on important documentatiuon in the future.

Things seem to have started well - 1kg down in the first week (could be 1.5kg but my ropey scales are a bit hard to read) and I have got myself into a good routine with the #Huel for breakfast and lunch. Am still eating a 'normal' meal for dinner but I am cooking from scratch, keeping it packed with veggies, pulses and legumes. I think to start with I was seriously under-doing the calorie count so I bought a stack of the #Huel bars to keep me topped up.

What I have discovered from giving up alcohol (1 year and 3 months dry... now a complete tea snob) is that I need to be really strict with myself and routine is absolutely key. I must stress this won't be the same for everyone and check with your Doctor before making a dramatic life-change (which I perhaps should have done). The first 3 months of giving up booze turned me into a miserable human being to be around and I had tp drag my emotionally fragile carcass to bed early quite often- I fear the diet change may be the same. Let's not talk about the clouds of toxic gas I produced for the first 2-3 days - thanks Huel - but you start looking at the habits of those around you and the temptation to become preachy is strong. I managed to avoid that trap (mostly) when kicking alcohol and I will try my damndest to accomplish that with this challenge too. Can you all help keep me right?

Though allow me to say one thing? Drinkers... the more inebriated you get, the less interesting you become. I thought that assertion was ridiculous until I began to witness it myself. Screw mothers and fathers day - there needs to be a 'Designated Drivers Appreciation' day so all the drunks can pay it forward and atone for all the mindless, slurring nonsense they are going to inflict on the rest of us.

Horrificly, I am also signing up to a weekly half hour session with a personal trainer that my bosses boss uses through Zoom. What's the protocol for having a cardiac remotely? Should I leave strict instructions with my family to dial 999 if they hear a loud thump from the room I am exercising in, followed by silence? Or just to wait for 5 minutes till after the session ends before coming to poke my lifeless body with a stick?

Hopefully I will have more posts down the line that will reveal I am fading away to nothing or becoming muscely beyond belief. Maybe. Enjoy games and be excellent to your fellow humans o7

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