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Whatever you do.. don't mention the J word!

IT'S BEEN a beautiful sun-kissed long weekend in Scotland. I don't usually take bank holidays off, choosing to save the day for when I need it - such as work irritating me beyond my tolerance threshold - but seeing as the Queen has been in a job for ages, we got an additional day off. My monarchy-snubbing soul couldn't resist four days to tweet my churlishness at the money wasted during a cost-of-living crisis whilst I sat in the sun, soaking up some of those glorious rays that are so elusive during the winter months. I have mostly kept my churlishness to myself, only irritating Mrs C. whenever a fawning piece of claptrap came on the telly to which I was invariably told to "Shut up".

That is, until my stream on Saturday 4 June.

In that stream I had the temerity to add in my stream description "Refuge for those avoiding outdoors/Jubilee"- a perfectly innocent comment I thought. I was jokingly referring to the fact it was actually a nice day outside but we, the community in my chat, were choosing to play games as well as my own very moderate cock-a-snoot at the Jubilee celebrations. I also stream with the 'Scotland', 'Sober' and 'Ally' tags - none of which have attracted trolls. I've streamed twice raising money for Ukrainian charities and not a troll in sight. I've had 2.8K viewer on the front page of #twitch - not an issue. But dare to make a mild prod at the Jubilee and you get...

"Don't like the Queen then you Scottish paedo"

Crikey. Fortunately, it was just the one knuckle-dragging, 'red white n blue' idiot and not a pile-on (I half expected it to be followed up by a rabid environmentalist accusing me of hating trees and dipping my diddlies in chickens) but it only served to reinforce my current belief that the UK monarchy is an anachronistic organisation we can do without. Unfortunately the knuckle-dragger in question didn't hang about to discuss the fact I am not Scottish or provide their contact details for an ernest discourse regarding their accusations so I could sue them, but 'them's the breaks'.

I am also not naive enough to believe that trolls such as this aren't just looking for titles to 'have-a-go' on however I can't help but reflect on the fact that, of all my stream titles to date, this is the one that attracts them. It has also taught me to screenshot these events for posterity at the time as I was unable to go back to my VOD and find the delicious contribution to the advancement of society for you all to gaze upon for yourselves. So, instead, enjoy this nonsense short of what my family and I enjoyed on the day, under the sun, resolutely not waving any Union Jacks.

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