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Twitch Changes and a Charity Stream

July 19th 8PM BST

Twitch brought in some changes this week which means raids, hosts and premieres don't count towards viewer figures any more in the path to partnership. A good summary of the changes can be found through this Twitter post from Daebol. What does that mean for me? Meh... not much really. I'm going to keep on keeping on and focus on trying to grow my corner of Twitch into a larger and larger circle of friends. On that note, I have finally got my Instagram set-up so my gaming and web stuff is seperated out from the family "memories" - you can now follow me here. Next stop - get better at networking!

So what's this lovely Special Effect picture you see atop this post? I am proud to be taking part in 4 hours of charity fund-raising alongside @TheHoneyThief, @DJTruthsayer, @Jacen_G, @Natswright, @Bognogus, @PaigeHarvey and @JackLyttle. I will be scooting around a planetoid surface, avoiding CMDRS trying to blow us up with mines, lasers and any other kind of (non-missile) weapons they can lay their grubby mits on. I will be in awesome company and raising money for an excellent charity. I firmly believe that, as gamers, we should be paying it forward and supporting small, awesome groups like Special Effect as you never know what life is going to throw your way. We all want to live full, injury and illness-free lives but I know I would want an organisation like Special Effect to be there if my ability to play games was ever taken away from me. We should also be trying to ensure as many people as possible get access to games, no matter what challenges they have been born with.

There is a Just Giving page setup so you can donate to this excellent charity (it's not live yet... but bookmark it now: and there will also be a fantastic Blind Auction with excellent prizes - you can submit your bid using this Goggle form - it's the only way to bid and the prizes are truly fantastic:

Massive congratualtions to TheHoneyThief for putting in the hard work to get this event up and running- you are awesome! Hopefully see you all at the multistream, 8pm GMT on 19 July 2018- or, if your bandwidth can't handle it just delete the names you won't want to focus on or join me at


#SpecialEffect #Twitch #TheSovereignty #carrumbtv

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