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That E3 Thing and Other Nonsense

Well - it's been a busy couple of weeks and, honestly, I have a mutitude of things to write about- I am definitely not short of blog subjects! But I thought I would home in on a little known conference happening in the US of A and my own personal humiliation for this post.

Of course, E3 is not over but so far... so far.... I have been underwhelmed. Ok, set aside Jurassic World Evolution which I have pre-ordered and am already stupidly excited about, but there wasn't much else that caught my eye with two exceptions. The first one to tickle my digital pickle was Unravel Two - it's cutesy, positive and a problem solver which is a much needed tonic in the current wave of games that require the reactions of ninja or an unhealthy amount of caffeine in your system. The second title was defintiely Sea of Solitude. Ignore it is an EA title (go on... you can do it..) - this game looks extremely interesting. The music that went with the trailer on it's own gave me goosebumps. I'm not a huge Manga fan, not since the days of Akira and Violence Jack, but the aesthetic of the game appealed to me. My digital pickle...well.. no. Let's not pursue that.

It highlighted to me why a lot of E3 so far has left me kind of... meh. Games such as Anthem and Battlefield V showed how the major games houses are trying to develop games to either OWN ALL THE PIXELS IN THE UNIVERSE or claim the Battle Royale crown as their own.

'Le sigh', as a friend of mine often intones.

Guess I am just getting old and my gaming preferences are evolving accordingly but we really need someone to come out with an epic, deep, story-based title to save us. Especially as Chris Roberts still hasn't emerged from his own backside yet, continutally producing more Alpha than a pack of Ancient Greek chest-thumpers. And don't get me started on Command & Conquer for pigging mobile - gah! Just give us a good C&C for modern platforms you dunces! You do know the gaming demographic is getting older, right? You know remaking these classics well will be good for your bank balances, dont you? And that mini rant about getting older leads me nicely to the aforementioned humiliation. This about explains it all:

I can hear the facepalms from here. My heal, glutious maximus and pride have not yet recovered from my 100% effort to pull of that classic movie moment.

On the plus side, I have pre-ordered the last in the excellent TellTale Games series of The Walking Dead, 'The Final Season' and will undoubtedly be streaming it. And of course... next week... there be DINOSAURS (June 12th)! Not to mention that there is the Q2 update to the Beyond Series of Elite:Dangerous (June 28th) so there is plenty to be getting on with.

If there is anything you would like to see me cover or play - just drop me an email or comment on the post. Keep it GLOG good people. o7

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