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Really, Really Socially Distanced Walking

Well, it's been a long time since I have written anything here and my-oh-my, a lot has changed in the world. We have this thing called a pandemic and all those end-of-the-world humankind-killing virus simulation games have suddenly come true. Now, if I had only paid attention and learned something from playing those games...

In truth, I think I did learn something - to take advice seriously and do all I can to stop the virus spreading. For me, the talk of Lockdown 1, Lockdown 2 and now Lockdown 3 (here in the UK) has been nonsensical as my approach hasn't changed since March 2020! Stay away from me, or risk a severe tutting as I walk away muttering "inconsiderate cunt!" into my face-mask. See? Responsible! Fisticuffs would result in contact and spread... never has being so stereotypically British ever been so useful.

low winter sun behind pine tree branches. Clear blue sky and some snow on ground in background
Winter sun pine needle atmos shot from route

It was great to have someone else to natter with, and it inspired me to walk further than I usually would. Win, win. I don't know about anyone else but getting my teenagers to stray beyond a solid Wi-Fi signal is a near impossibility and Mrs. C would rather take the half hour of peace from me being out of the house so the company of my Discord buddies was much appreciated. Walking that little further than usual also meant I didn't feel so guilty about guzzling Monstermunch afterwards :D

So this is where a lot of my thoughts and energies are directed at the moment- trying to get exercise levels up to compensate for increased crisp intake as well as stepping away from the Shiraz. I know, I know...unbelievable... no Shiraz! Well, we'll see how long it lasts- I listened to a podcast interview of Frankie Boyle where he talked about how he would often get messages about giving up alcohol, but he has noticed that no-one is asking about quitting booze in lockdown. I guess that's another fact to prove how contrary and stubborn I can be. I am also going to put together a list of useful links for Elite:Dangerous on this site - I know some people hate to use third party tools and others swear by them; I think I fall somewhere in between, wishing the game gave me all the info I wanted easily but blissfully tied to INARA. So, work in progress- please let me know if there are any links you swear by that you would like to see included.

If you want to join our socially distanced walks, we are aiming to do them at about 2pm UTC on a Saturday (weather dependent) and might become more frequent as the weather improves.

And oh - that discord link! Click here or copy and paste this into your browser Or search for me on Discord under the name carrumba#0095 Don't know what Discord is? Behold!

Till next time o7

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