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New Chair..But Will it be a Cheap PoS?

I finally managed to order a replacement for my broken, ailing computer chair that so horribly contributed to my wrecked spine, as per my previous post. To be fair, the chair was just the straw that broke the 30-years-of-bad-posture camel's back. It is however a poor semblance of it's former, comfy self and its replacement is finally on the way.

But will the replacement live up to its comfy predecessor?

Now, obviously, I would have LOVED to have gotten my butt, spine, elbows and weary head on a fine DXRacer or Noblechairs chair but, to be honest, unless I suddenly woke to find I had become as popular as Kitboga with his level of subs, the £300+ price is well out of my league. And these guy produce bargain chairs to some of the silly money you can spend on chairs, believe me! So I had to look at the more "affordable" end of the spectrum. I know what you are thinking "But Carrumba, you said your spine is important in your last blog post, you can't scrimp on this!" I agree, dear reader, however I couldn't see either of my kids making enough money as chimney sweeps in time to save my bad posture and when push came to shove, I found I was too fond of both my kidneys. There was nothing else for it - I went sub £100.

The suggested chair was spotted by a good friend in my chat as I lumbered back (pun intended) into streaming after having to sort my spine out. The chair is a racer-style one with orange inserts (I avoided my favoured green in a vague bout of sort-of-forward-planning in case I ever wanted to go green-screeny) and more importantly it had adjustable lumber support. The answer to all my problems! The more I researched, the more I began to realise I could just buy a lumber support to attach to any chair but my mind was made up - this was the one. The reviews were not too bad either with only the singular disgruntled one star review because the person found the construction "a nightmare" - a review that nearly every chair I looked at had somewhere. I started to think there is one poor sod buying a succession of chairs they cannot fathom how to build but the plethora of other "Verified Purchase" positive reviews gave me hope; they can't have THAT many employees/relatives buying their product. So far so good.

Disaster!! I stepped away from Amazon for all of 24 hours and my carefully selected, back supporting, slice of gaming comfort was suddenly out of stock! *shakes fist at rest of the internet* The thought of having to go through all the research again, reading more one star reviews from that poor bastard with a house full of semi-assembled chairs, left me crumpled like a two day old snotty handkerchief. So Amazon-centric have I become that I had completely forgotten about eBay which still had someone selling my chosen chair. Rejoice...ish. I realised, with a shudder, that I have become addicted to Amazon Prime and the ease in which I can negotiate DPD deliveries- I even know our local driver to chat to- and the courier roulette I am about to embark on with eBay is filling me with a dark sense of foreboding. It's obviously going to arrive, damaged beyond use after being retrieved from the bush it was angrily discarded in weeks before. The courier will probably have an irrational hatred of office furniture, born from his unfortunate collection of semi-built chairs...

Watch this space!

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