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Mechs. Crushing Other Mechs. BATTLETECH!

I am pleased to confirm that Paradox Interactive have kindly given this Old Gamer a review key for their upcoming mech-mashing strategy game. I may have squeed a little when I got the email confirmation.

Mechs first stomped into my consciousness back in the days of paper, pencils and small tokens being shoved around a hex map. I have enjoyed many an hour playing other multiplayer mech games since then but there has been a bit of a lul only fleetingly sated by Mechwarrior Online. Thankfully, Paradox Interactive are bringing their considerable strategy nous to the Battletech universe and I cannot wait to see what they have done with it.

I'll be running a stream of Battletech on 19th April around 8pm BST - feel free to join the site to receive updates of when I am streaming new games in the future.

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