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Fantasticon 2018- Kickstarter now live

There is an eclectic convention, run by Dan Grubb (Fantastic Books Publishing) which I first attended last year. This year, the location for Fantasticon 2018 is Cleethorpes (rather than it's usual setting of Hull) in the general direction of Yorkshire, UK. I enjoyed it so much last year, I made sure I fought tooth and nail to have the date set aside for attending this year. You can back the kickstarter and grab your tickets here.

What is eclectic about it? Well...gaming PC rigs to play Elite:Dangerous and Planet Coaster. Readings from an array of Fantastic Books Publishing authors. Nerf Gun wars. Live music on Saturday evening. Tiny Whoop drone races. It is also the main yearly gathering point for The Sovereignty to do damage to their livers and mingle- there is usually a healthy collection of The Hammers of Slough and a smattering of Hutton Orbital Truckers, Privateers Alliance and Frontier Develoments staff.

All in all, it's a fantastic (see what I did there) weekend and I cannot recommend it enough. Mingle, chill and be yourself in a wonderfully creative environment- you won't regret it. Here is the start of the guest list for this year- Jolly Boat were excellent last year and possibly part of the reason why I bought Parsnip Wine from the medieval themed bar. It's... an aquired.... taste. See you there!

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