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Arrrrrr! Sea of Thieves! (March 20)

This was the first game I have pre-ordered in a long, long time. My tastebuds had been tantalised with the closed Beta and stress test weekends but, to be honest, I was a little worried the game was going to be lacking in content. However, the first play of the full game did not dissappoint.

Having only a short time to play, I opted for my own sloop. After kitting myself out in the pre-order "Blackdog" kit (and a fetching peg-leg) I got ready to set sail. I would have liked a bit more customisation to make the pirate feel a bit more like you but that's a small aside. Setting sail and doing two missions in quick succession was great fun and I challenge anyone not to have a silly grin on their face the first time they are sailing on a clear night and noticing the aurora borealis. Double dare you!

My joy was brought to a swift end after dropping off the 2nd chest. I had noticed a galleon when approaching the outpost and went to the opposite side of the island to try and avoid them. When selling my 2nd crate, I had caught some motion off to my right but made my transaction and scurried back to my sloop as fast as I can. As soon as I clambered on-board, I knew I was not alone... a faint shuffling of feet heard from below. I 'stealthily' crept down to the hull with my clanky peg-leg and sword swishing, only to be shot in the face by a blackbeard wanna-be and mercilessly stabbed to death.

Game broken! OP Black-bearded pirates! Rage-quit! Kappa.

I took out my annoyance on a semi naked pirate on the ship I spawned on in the middle of nowehere, hacking him to tiny pieces. The joke was, however, on me. The ship was stuck on rocks and couldn't move. Thankfully, meal-time intervened and I retreated from the game muttering darkly about "ruing the day" and "hanging from the mizzen mast" etc. My second attempt was more successful- complete with golden chicken and being chased round the map by a player in a very persistent sloop- couldn't catch me though... sucka! My Mast-angling-fu is strong.

Great, fun game. Lots more still to do.

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