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Gaming since the ZX81

I have been playing games since owning a ZX81 (with 16K Cheetah pack!) plugged into a black and white TV with a rotating dial to try and find channels.

I managed to force my parents green and black screened Amstrad PCW to play games to feed my digital addiction.  From there I progressed to a Commodore 64 and my first encounters with Elite- a love affair that carries on today with Elite:Dangerous.  There was a brief (unfortunate) dalliance with an Atari ST before my parents bought a giddily powerful 486DX.  I eventually reached the rank of Elite after trying over three different platforms.  From there on in it's a list of gradually more and more powerful PC's to the i7 beast I use today.

Elite:Dangerous takes up a lot of gaming time, shunning the mantra of 'git gud', and you are all welcome to join in the travels- pop into our Discord channel to learn more.  I currently stream on Twitch to release some creative juices (with all the organisational skills of a deranged moth).  I'm always up for playing new games, especially if they can be shared with our community.

Contact me in Discord or clicking here- I look forward to hearing from you.

Seeing as you read this far.. here's a secret game, just for you.

Jameson crash site
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