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This website began as an addition to my content creation efforts, a homepage to link into all the other bits and bobs I do on the tinterwebs which, until last year, was dominated by Twitch.

Then I retired.

It was bitter-sweet but was the right time.  The process was a grind, getting peace and quiet to do it was getting more difficult and unfair on the family- it was more of a ball-ache than fun.  If I am entirely honest though, I have not given up on the idea of returning to it which is probably why I haven't deactivated the account- it sits there... tempting me.  Who knows, perhaps I will return to it but until then, here is a link to the final stream I did which raised a wonderful £1,111.11 for Special Effect in the space of about 4 hours.

Gaming is Life

You can read about my gaming past in the About section of this site, but I find it hard to remember a time without computer games.  Ok, so there was the time up to the age of 5 or 6 when toy cars and Scaletrix was the main thing but from 1981 onwards, I have been lost to the worlds and interactions thrown at my eye-bobbles by increasing complex and rich densities of pixels. 


I've seen many changes in gaming over those decades but the birth of the internet, and it's application in multiplayer gaming has been a big game-changer. Hence, my main obsession and time-sink being Elite:Dangerous, but I am increasingly drawn to rich single player experiences in games like Jedi: Fallen Order, RDR2 and Cyberpunk (it's not *that* bad on PC, Honest).  Casual gaming is key - don't ask me to min/max - I have the attention span of a - 

Carrumba vists Jamson's crashe Cobra MKIII

The Future

Lockdown has been an interesting time when you would think I had lots of time for projects - well there has been but that has mostly been holding down a job and making sure the kids don't go insane.  Going forward, however, the blog is going to be more frequently updated to stretch the creative writing juices whilst dipping my toes into video editing and trying to get the YouTube channel moving.  Get yourself into my Discord channel where any updates, thoughts and projects will probably emerge first.

Contact Me...

If you want to collab on any Elite:Dangerous project, feel free to reach out - I love creating storylines and being a part of creative projects.  I might even be able to be serious occasionally.

I have also not fully closed the door on Twitch with half an eye on YouTube creation to fill the void.  Make it sharp, make it punchy and be ready to roll - my psuedo-Scottish/mangled soft Anglo-something accent is yours o7