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This website began as an addition to my content creation efforts, a homepage to link into all the other bits and bobs I do on the tinterwebs which, until last year, was dominated by Twitch.

Then I retired.  BUT... now I am back!  But I want to do other things too.

I'm still raising money for charities such as for their Ukraine Crisis fund (highlight vid) and am also raising money for the perpetually excellent Special Effect.  Use the !charity command in Twitch chat when I am live to see what my active campaign is.

If I am live on twitch, you can tak a peek doon below... the chat windae is even there!  Witchcraft I tells ye! This site will mostly be a vehicle for my writings so head over to the blog while I get organised and into the writing groove.

Charity Work

When you're in the content creation game, you have to use your super-powers (!?) for good.  In the past I have raised approximately £1500 for Special Effect over three or four streams as well as helping raise over $3500 for and their Ukraine Crisis fund.  If you want to find out what my current charity campaign is, just type !charity in Twitch chat whilst I am live (hope to have a permanently on bot in the future).  Also consider checking out the blue and yellow heart at the top of the page for other charitable causes..or this one here ->

Blog List and Contact

If you want to collab on any Elite:Dangerous project, feel free to reach out - I love creating storylines and being a part of creative projects.  I might even be able to be serious occasionally.

I have also not fully closed the door on Twitch with half an eye on YouTube creation to fill the void.  Make it sharp, make it punchy and be ready to roll - my psuedo-Scottish/mangled soft Anglo-something accent is yours o7

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